PPC skeptics: Are you one of these 6 types?

There are still a great many businesses that arent advertising online???or at least not diverting healthy budgets to it. In fact, one survey showed that small businesses are only spending 3 percent of their total ad budgets on Web ads.

Ive talked to a lot of companies over the years and found some of them to be apprehensive about pay per click. They typically fall into one of six categories when it comes to how they feel about PPC.

If you or someone you know is leery about PPC, read on to find out if any of the following types resonate with you.?Maybe youll uncover some new perspective that might change your mind.

Skeptic No. 1: The Popular Kid

If youre this type of PPC skeptic, youve built your business on outbound marketing, face-to-face interactions and handshakes. Your business is typically in good condition???so good that youre actually not looking for any other form of marketing or advertising.

But someone who thought you should explore PPC may have referred you to an agency, and youre unsure about it from the outset. You might call the agency and listen to what they have to say, but youre not ready to budge.

I encountered a company like this once that touted the best reputation in town and a healthy business. They had been referred to my agency and wanted to know why they should even consider us.

No surprise, they didnt sign up at that time. One year later, we got a phone call. Their company was nowhere to be found in the Google search results, and it was starting to hurt their business.

Being the popular kid in town is great???until its not the case anymore. There are always new businesses coming into your market, and some of those businesses are investing in their online presence.

The early adopters of online advertising in your sector will eventually surpass you when you have no presence at all, and they will reap the benefits of PPC like traffic and conversions.

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